A sleeping boy, eats ferociously his dreams
Gleaning one will never handle with a hold too young
Awoken with a lazy lie, once wide open, his eyes now droop
Wiped dry from their shine by blathering so in divine
To others I can be what you really mean to me
But it’s the sick piece of me extending its hand to you
If this is what it means for you to stay away from me
Then I’m more afraid than I’ve ever been
Rockin' back, rockin' back, rockin' back beyond the wall I call Jubilation
Choke it back choke it back, forgetting that it’s gone, tonic water station
Rocking back, rock it back, rock it back beyond the wall I call no wonder
Choke it back choke it back, forgetting that it’s gone, it’s false imagination
When finally found by his mind, astray, he journeyed to tie his time
Lithery words could not abide to their own simple symmetry
Hold it stolidly, realizing lies
Giving what was stolen, memorizing lines



from Swilling Chit & The Eidetic Trill, released July 20, 2011
Music and lyrics written by Greg Butera

David Badstubner // guitar
Gregory Butera // bass / piano
Adam Cook // drums
Lindsey Mackin // vocals
Mark Williams // vocals/ guitar



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